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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Taking the plunge" - An exhibition by NZ Art Guild Member Jane Tan

Well-known artist releases exhibition at Franklin’s new art gallery

September 19th 2011: Recently opened ‘Art-rageous Gallery and Gifts’ is proudly owned by well known Kiwi artists, Jane Tan, Helen Parsons, Yvonne Small and Elise Smith. From September 29th until November 5th Jane Tan’s exhibition “Taking the Plunge” is on show for all to view at Artrageous Gallery and Gifts, 5 Mauku Road, in the small town of Patumahoe, Franklin.

“Taking the Plunge” is a powerful and eclectic collection which will inspire the greenie within, with its inherent sustainable agenda flowing naturally throughout the pieces through a strong use of the “found object”. As well the collection covers themes of migration, relevant to the multi-cultural society we belong to in Aotearoa. In exploring the process of migration “Taking the Plunge” talks of taking chances, risks and opportunities synonymous with the pursuit of a new life, and change. Not only depicting the physical migratory journey, the collection describes a deeper, spiritual journey touching on themes around endurance and perseverance, dreams and inspirations and the decisions which lead us down life paths.

Scotland born, NZ immigrant Jane Tan has a passion for incorporating a sustainable thread through her pieces with her work strongly featuring the use of the ‘found object’- transforming used or unwanted items into an art-form. A strong Tan piece showcases a discarded oar, turned into a powerful art-work embedded with emotion and depth. A strong symbol of “endeavor, fortitude, and propulsion, moving forward even if it is against the flow.”

A veteran of ‘up-cycling’ Jane explains, “I like to fossick around in second hand shops in my local area or use trademe (to source pre-loved items). Sometimes I already have a plan and go out searching, other occasions I come across something I purchase to take it home and contemplate what can be done with it.”

Ever the ‘up-cycler’ of old and cherished items, Jane continues, “In the past I have used old doors, waterskis, oars, wooden plates, vintage shoe lasts. I also like to make use of collage and old postcards, quotations, and poetry, which are a great source of inspiration. For me the object should always relate to what I am trying to say. As an example my vintage children’s shoe sculpture are conveyed with poetry and messages to children. “Follow your Dreams”, “Walk ahead, I am always with you”, “I have spread my dreams beneath your feet”. I create for myself but I always like the concept that anyone who purchases my work will connect with it with their own interpretation.”

Art-rageous Gallery and Gifts is located on Mauku Road, Patumahoe Village, Franklin, and is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10.30am until 4pm. Jane Tan’s exhibition “Taking the Plunge” runs from September 29th until November 5th 2011.

Artrageous Gallery and Gifts
5 Mauku Road

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