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Monday, 5 September 2011

NZ Art Guild August Feature member Kumiko Kawamoto

Can you tell us about yourself and your art?
There was nothing luxurious during the time I spent in my youth. I thought that was not very bad for my life as Albert Camus said that he had learned about freedom not from Marks, but from poverty.
I would say at the end of my life, 'Money couldn't occupy both my mind and thought, and I've been keeping freedom of expression in return for a financial affluence'.
I personally believe people should appreciate "artwork" without knowing any details on who made it, but only from artwork itself.
It's uneasy for me to accept the fact that people are easy to be swayed by their background and by the "name value" and artworks are not to be evaluated by their artwork itself.
So I hope people see my work itself and feel something with their sense.

I occasionally make something for protesting against the power of abusing human rights because this is the most important matter for me however the work is not beauteous at all.

What is it you love about art?
It's hard to express my feelings just with words so art is the only way to reflect my mind and thoughts.

What is one of the hardest things about being an artist?
Mostly it's very hard for stained glass artists to get enough remuneration for fabrication cost. All materials we need to use such as glass, copper foil, lead came, solder, etc. are terribly expensive but it's a small thing compared to the long working hours. We need a lot of time from designing to finishing and it'll reflect on the price but many imported stained glass products are in the market nowadays and these are incredibly cheap (hard to vie with them in price). However the quality of the glass used and finishing techniques are obviously different, these are beyond imagination to people who doesn't know the process of making stained glass. So one of the hardest things about being a stained glass artist is foster better understanding about our work to the public.

Personally, the hardest thing is caused by limited supply of materials especially glass, the main item of my work. It doesn't always work when the supply is limited. So I have to adjust my design to the existent glass colour and or patterns.
What is the easiest part of being an artist?
No need to be controlled by alarm clock.

What are your goals as an artist?
I haven't set my goals because there are infinite possibilities.

Can you tell us about your experience with being a member of the NZ Art Guild?
I've got several offers from some art galleries to exhibit my works and offer from publishers of art books probably because I'm a member of the NZ Art Guild. Of course I have experienced much more great things from being a member of the guild. The best experience is receiving hearty welcome and extremely kind supports from them. Thanks for all members cheering me up from time to time.

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