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Thursday, 29 September 2011

New Books from NZ Art Guild Member Leo Cappel

Hi everyone,

It's finally happened, the books are on the market.

When Karen's mother, the Holocaust survivor and writer-in-exile, Elisabeth Augustin, passed away, she left us a vast number of manuscripts. Manuscripts of her novels and radio plays, and also of many hundreds of poems, both published and still unpublished ones. I really love her work, and to my surprise, she liked mine too. Soooo:

As a Holocaust survivor myself I felt privileged being able to translate some 80 of her poems from the original German and Dutch into English. I selected poems from her entire career, from her first published poem at age 18, to work she wrote when she was 96. A 'tri-lingual biographically oriented compilation: 'languageland'.

Unfortunately the publisher who was interested in publishing it had gone bankrupt in the meantime, so I have had the work printed by a commercial printer and will do the marketing myself.

I also gave in to pressure from family and friends to write my memoirs 'Like a Guardian'.

Because of the large number of colour illustrations 'Like a Guardian' is too expensive to have printed commercially, so I print and bind it myself, glued and sewn.

Both books are now available at $45 per (signed) copy, inclusive postage within NZ.

With greetings from both of us,

Leo and Karen

For more details contact Leo at:
Ph:  09 435 3461

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