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Sunday, 18 September 2011

"Beyond Words" an exhibition by NZ Art Guild Member Sharlene Schmidt

After 3 International Residencies and Exhibitions, and a multitude of National group and solo events, Sharlene is ready to show at the Academy of Fine Arts. She brings here for the first time a solo show based on the international language of music and emotion.

Throughout Sharlene’s excursions to Italy, India and Albania her work involving music became the one language that anchored her, going “Beyond Words” to stimulate communications.

Sharlene’s series of Oils looks at moments within sounds that create emotional responses. All art starts with a moment, a moment of happiness, fear, sorrow or anger, it is portrayed through sound, dance, movement, and visual concepts, though each of us may form a different interpretation, the moment of truth is in the glimpse of realisation, that being human we understand sound on an emotional level.

From Opera through to Heavy metal, around the world from the poorest singing on the street to the riches of theatres and concerts, we all have listened with our ears and eyes to some form of music. Sharlene explores the art form within the Art, where did it start? Where was it going? Or was it simply an analogy in the first place?

Sharlene’s intention is to generate discussion around the sentiment portrayed in each work, a harmony through vision rather than sound.

Opening: 5:30 - 7pm September 23rd 2011 - Joined by Jazz Band “Wall Street Sprinters”

Where: New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts
1 Queens Wharf
Mon – Sun 10:00am – 5pm

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