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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Emerge Exhibition Article - Amy Mackiewicz

Blenheim based artist, Amy Mackiewicz ,was interviewd by her local paper about her involvement in the upcoming Emerge Exhibition. Great article!! However there are a few errors that May has pointed out to us - Amy's surname is spelt Mackiewicz not Mackiewiczis - she's 24 not 21 (although as she gets older we're sure she'd be pleased to shave a few years off her age). None of her artworks are in acrylics and she didn't donate an artwork to be auctioned at this event - although she did donate to a recent charity event.

You can see 9 of Amy's artworks at the Bruce Mason Centre , Takapuina, Auckland from July 2nd until July 30th.

Or check out her website

Friday, 25 June 2010

NZ Art Guild's "Emerge" Exhibition Press Release

For the third year in a row artists from the New Zealand Art Guild are joining forces to raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation through a unique charity art project and auction.
On July 2, the NZ Art Guild will unveil their 2010 collaborative project titled ‘Bloom’ during the opening night of their exhibition “Emerge”. This one of a kind project is compiled from 64 individual artworks created by 62 NZ artists who each interpreted the theme “New Beginnings and Growth” into their piece.
When combined these individual panels will create a stunning artwork measuring 1.3m x 1.3m that will then be auctioned on TradeMe with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to the Mental Health Foundation.
The opening night of ‘Emerge’ will also see 12 fantastic artworks by some of New Zealand’s top artists auctioned off to benefit the Foundation. More information on these can be found on the NZ Art Guild website (
"We are once again thrilled to be working with the New Zealand Art Guild on such an exciting project," says Judi Clements, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation. “We are truly appreciative of the commitment we have received from the Guild’s members over the last three years”.

“The Mental Health Foundation relies heavily on donations to help provide resources and support to New Zealanders affected by mental health issues and it is the support of such events that not only helps us to do this but also brings us closer to our aim of making mental health everybody’s business”
“Emerge” opens on 2 July at 6:30pm at the Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland.
Come along and support people with experience of a mental illness, and their friends and families, by bidding on the artwork.

Pocket Rockets Exhibition - 2nd-7th August - Dunedin

Top (L-R) Mike Greenwood, Barbara Bullock, Peter Viesnik, Cath Sheard
Bottom (L-R) Isla Osborne, Lorraine Beattie, Tanya Dann, Lei Wen

The New Zealand Art Guild presents

"Pocket Rockets"
An exhibition of small artworks from over 40 New Zealand artists

August 2nd - 7th 2010

ROCDA Gallery
73 Princes Street

Gallery Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 11am-3pm

Opening Night:
Mon 2nd August 5.30 - 8.00pm
All welcome, FREE entry

Participating Artists:
Amahlia Wolf, Amanda Cass, Amy Walker, Barbara Bullock, Bobby Shen, Cath Sheard, Chris Cruickshank, Collette Fergus, Dianne Schnarr, Holly Budge, Irene Joseph, Isla Osborne, Jac Connelly, Jane Sussmilch, Jill Shackleton, Lei Wen, Lisa-Jane Harvey, LisaSarah, Lorraine Beattie, Marimba Powley, Melodie Joseph, Michele Courage, Mike Greenwood, Pam Tapp, Peter Augustin, Peter Viesnik, Ron Esplin, Ryan van Heerden, Sandra Adams, Sofia Spirtova, Soo Lee, Sophia Elise, Stan Blanch, Sudhir Duppati Kumar, Sue McPhee, Susan Bragg, Suzanne Carter, Tama Darwanto, Tanya Dann, Tash Shackleton, Trina Batchelor, Virginia O'Dea

NZ Art Guild Challenge # 27

Every fortnight a challenge is issued to our guild members and also to members of our Facebook Fanpage

These challenges are completely voluntary. Submissions must be original and be completed during the 2 week time-frame. Participants may choose to interpret the theme in any way they wish.

For this challenge artists were asked to create a work of art inspired by the book/movie/tv show/character "Alice in Wonderland"


Tanya Dann - "Mad HAT-er"


Amy Mackiewicz - "Where the Caterpillar Lives"


Stan Blanch - "Mad Hatters Tea Party"

Stan Blanch - "Alice in Surfers Paradise"

Stan Blanch - "Alice & the Queen of hearts"

Mike Greenwood - untitled

Chris Cruickshank - "The Rabbit house"

Amy Mackiewicz - "Off with Their Heads!"

Amy Mackiewicz - "A Game of Croquet"

The next challenge is available now via our Facebook Fanpage - check it out for yourself and give it a go!
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NZ Art Guild's June Feature Artist - Lauryne Hart

This month's feature Artist is Lauryne Hart who is having a solo exhibition in Rotorua at the Red Spot Art Gallery in July and August.

To read the article click on the image above

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Donnamaree Hampton's Solo Exhibition

The NZ Art Guild are happy to announce Donnamaree Hampton's solo exhibition which will be open from 1st July until the 31st July. It is at the Reefton Information centre (also called I-site) in Reefton, West Coast in the South Island.

We wish her all the best with her exhibition!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

NZ Art Guild Challenge #26

Every fortnight a challenge is issued to our guild members and also to members of our Facebook Fanpage

These challenges are completely voluntary. Submissions must be original and be completed during the 2 week time-frame. Participants may choose to interpret the theme in any way they wish.

For this challenge artists were asked to create a work of art that tells a story.


Stan Blanch - The story of the NZ Art Guild in Italy Part 2

The Story of the NZ Art Guildies and Italy


Mike Greenwood - The story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a seagull who is bored with the daily squabbles over food. Seized by a passion for flight, he pushes himself, learning everything he can about flying, until finally his unwillingness to conform results in his expulsion from his flock. An outcast, he continues to learn, becoming increasingly pleased with his abilities as he leads an idyllic life.


Julie Sills - Antismoking Campaign

Stan Blanch - The story of the NZ Art Guild in Italy Part 1

Stan Blanch - Bedtime Story

The next challenge is available now via our Facebook Fanpage - check it out for yourself and give it a go!
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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kids at Art article

Julie Sills Kids at Art programme had an article written about her classes for seven and above year olds.

Click the image above to read the article.

Art on Main Gallery Opening Article

An Article was published in South Waikato News about the opening of the new Art on Main Gallery in Tirau. All the best wishes for the gallery's success!
Click on the image above to read the article

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mental Health Foundation Charity Art Auction

The NZ Art Guild and Mental Health Foundation of NZ (MHF) are proud to join together again to raise funds and awareness for MHF. MHF rely on donations to help provide resources and support to New Zealander’s affected by mental health issues.

Please join us on July 2nd 6:30pm at the Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland where the NZ Art Guild will unveil their amazing 2010 Collaborative Project "Bloom" and aucton 13 fantastic artworks.

"Bloom" is a unique artwork which comprises of 64 individual artworks by 62 artists from all over NZ. The theme of this artwork is New Beginnings and Growth. This artwork will be auctioned on Trademe with 100% of the proceeds donated to MHF.

Top NZ artists - Beate Minderjahn, Tony Brown, Nancy Frazer, Angela Laby, Caroline Viesnik, Sharlene Schmidt, Sophia Elise, Natasha Wheeler, Ana Ter Huurne, Tineswari Maruthamuthu, Claire Fairweather, and Lorraine Beattie have also generously donated artworks to be auctioned on the night. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to MHF.

There will also be the NZ Art Guild annual members exhibition on display at the Bruce Mason Centre for the month of July - "Emerge" - 40 artists from around NZ have joined together to create a diverse and innovative exhibition

For more information about the Mental Health Foundation of NZ go to

For full details about each donated artwork and artist below.


Title: Splash of Colours
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 1010mm x 550mm
Retail Price: $895

Nancy migrated to New Zealand in 1980 and is a full-time, self taught artist. Three years ago she rekindled her passion for art and began experimenting with techniques and styles previously untried by other artists. She now specializes in abstract art with the use of acrylics on canvas, and a strong emphasis on textures and vibrant colours.

She has successfully exhibited her paintings in various joint exhibitions throughout New Zealand, including the “Mazda Artworks Exhibition” held at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland as well as “Affordable Art (Wellington), “Original Art Sale” (Auckland), The Royal Easter Show” (Auckland), Bethlehem College and Independent Artists exhibition in Tauranga. Most recently her artwork has been exhibited in London and she has an unpcoming exhibition in Hong Kong.

Currently her works can be seen on permanent display at the Urban CafĂ©, The Cargo Shed and Niche Media House in Auckland. They can also be viewed on “The Living Channel” Art Gallery. Nancy is a member of The Tauranga & Waikato Artists Societies, The NZ Art Guild and “Creative Tauranga”.



Title: Herons Flight
Media: Mixed Media on Board
Size: 510mm x 610mm
Retail: $600

Tony Brown offers us all a vision of perseverance and triumph over turmoil. An enthusiasm to forge a better life is what fuels Tony’s passion to create works that inspire powerful and emotive responses: “I want to reach out to people who are stuck”.

Tony’s paintings, which are deeply inlaid with a locality and familiarity and in some cases, are intimately provocative, grapple with issues such as depression, loneliness, adoption and sobriety. Tony’s dark and raw works show an artist who interprets issues with an innate sense of compassion and individuality.

Through a process of rehabilitation, Tony rediscovered art as a form of expression from childhood and values the emotions he is able to stir within viewers of his work.



Title: Tears of Olympus
Media: Acrylic and texturing medium
Size: 254mm x 762mm
Retail price: $400

Tears of Olympus was painted during a very trying and difficult time in the artist’s life. She found herself growing weary with the loneliness of living away from her family and friends since moving to New Zealand in July 2004, as well as the feelings of stagnation she found with her direction in life at the time. Winter always brought about a desolation as well that was difficult to shake off. Tears of Olympus was the result of the artist’s raw feelings and emotions at the time, and was created in July 2008.

Tines has always been passionate about art ever since she was a child. Her preferred mediums are acrylics on canvas, and charcoals/pastels on paper. Her inspiration comes mainly from her vivid, colourful dreams. She is compelled to paint what she feels and this draws out the raw instincts within her as an artist. She also interprets words or songs into paintings, letting her imagination and emotions take control. Her work ranges from surreal abstract art to photo-realistic landscapes and portraits. She has her work in private collections in Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.

Tines is of Indian-Chinese heritage, and was born and raised in Malaysia, a melting pot of different cultures and religions. She has a wide range of interests, which include poetry, music, Cuban salsa, martial arts, face painting and photography. She holds a Bachelor of Computer Graphics and Design, and currently works full-time as a studio manager/graphic designer at an advertising agency in Auckland. She is also an artist, face painter and salsa dancer.



Title: Which face today
Media: Oil
Size: 300mmx 600 mm
Retail: $360

Sharlene Schmidt is a mother of two, & Full time Artist from Levin, New Zealand. She is currently completing a Diploma of Art and Creativity through the Learning Connection. Sharlene loves a challenge, Paint, wood, shell, Bone, porcelain, metal or concrete, she will give it a go.

Sharlene spent her younger years growing up on a farm, & most of her art reflects her love of nature, animals & people in some form.

Sharlene has many art works in homes through out New Zealand and Internationally. She has just returned home from exhibiting in Italy.



Title: One World
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 400mm x 500mm
Retail: $400

Sophia Elise is an Auckland based, self-taught artist. She is actively involved in the local art community as a founding member and Manager of the New Zealand Art Guild, member of the Trust Board for Mairangi Art Centre and a participant in the ART Generator Programme.

Since 2004, Sophia has been selected as a finalist in several NZ Art Awards and involved in numerous exhibitions throughout NZ. She has exhibited in London and Italy and also had her artwork selected to be created into original bangles by American jewellery company, Bajidoo Bangles.

Sophia has two very distinct styles of art. She is an extremely tactile person and this love of texture is reflected in her heavily textured, minimalist, abstract style which often incorporates resin. Her other distinctive style is created entirely with hand painted dots and inspired by the rich Maori culture.

When Sophia creates she believes it's important to "Make it Memorable". She achieves this by drawing inspiration from her emotions and forging it with her environment and experiences. By doing this she encourages the viewer to connect on a deeper level and explore places within themselves. Sophia creates unique, original art which is a window into her soul.

'If my art can reach into the soul of another and emotionally and spiritually touch that person, then it's all worthwhile.'



Title: Emerald Aroha
Media: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Size: 900mm x 600mm
Retail Price: $300

Natasha Wheeler's love of art emerged at an early age. She is a self taught artist and has a passion for vibrant colours and texture. She draws her inspiration from the culture of Aotearoa and the Pacific’s. She has a great love for contemporary Kiwiana, traveling as much as she can through NZ and the pacific islands to study their beauty first hand.



Title: Rangi
Media: Photography on stretched canvas
Size: 500mm x 335mm
Retail Price: $500

I am passionate about the creativity of photographic art. I love capturing people, moments in time, unusual places, the harmony of our environment, in fact anything that shows interesting form.

I specialise in seascapes & landscapes, mainly in the diversity of our NZ coastline, inspired by the light, colours & natural beauty of the foreshore. My other specialty is capturing different ethnic cultures in their natural environment and I gain much joy out of getting alongside the local people and absorbing different ways of life.

I am a self taught Photographic Artist with a fine eye for composition, light & texture. I have been working with photography for many years and my medium has been a non digital Minolta SLR camera. I have recently moved to digital using a Canon EOS 500D.

All my works are Limited Editions and are presented without manipulation or enhancements. They are available in any format from un-mounted to canvas, art mount or fully framed.


In this image I have captured the elements of how we typically see our coastline around Auckland, with seagull, kayakers, shoreline, and the ever present Rangi in the background. The image was shot early morning from the North Shore.



Title: Emergence
Media: Mixed Media Art Brooch
Size:180mm x 130mm outside frame
Brooch size 60mm x 47mm
Retail: $45

A naturally creative person, with a strong flair for design, Claire excelled in art at school. At university she studied landscape design and whilst her career path has taken several turns, Claire has always dedicated her spare time to art, craft and design.

Having tried most types of painting media and many crafts, during her lifetime, Claire has always sold her work through craft fairs, exhibitions and galleries. For many years she created large paintings on glass and contemporary mirrors designs with stained glass and mosaic tiles. This style of work was then transferred to her paintings on canvas, using acrylic paints and mixed media. More recently she has also worked with fabric paints, designing hand-painted t-shirts.

Since emigrating from the UK to New Zealand in March 2009, Claire has been using various media to create unique contemporary brooches. The 'Art-Brooch' is a new concept in jewellery - a 'one-off' small piece of art, which when not being worn, fits onto a canvas to hang on the wall.

'I like to think that my Art-Brooches become the focus of attention when they are worn, making their owners feel special. The contemporary designs and dual functionality give a modern twist to what is sometimes considered an old-fashioned type of jewellery. The novel way of setting the brooch into a canvas, to hang on the wall when it is not being worn, ensures it will always be on display and never hidden away in a jewellery box'

The title of this brooch is represented on several levels
- Literally the swirls of colour emerging from the frame to create a brooch
- Developmentally this brooch is an early example of this artists unique concept for jewellery “Art Brooch” – a small piece of art when not being worn can be put in it’s frame and hung on a wall
- In the wider sense this artists emergence in the Auckland art and design scene as a result of immigrating to NZ from the UK.



Title: Seeing
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 900mm x 600 mm
Retail: $850

Caroline became a make-up artist shortly after immigrating to New Zealand from England, and spent many years working in the film and fashion industries in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.

As her expertise has grown it has continued naturally into event productions and flamboyant award-winning body art creations. Caroline has worked internationally with top photographers, models and celebrities.

Caroline’s make-up and body art covers all media with many amazing images to her credit. Her journey as an artist started from a young age; Caroline attended art school in London, painted porcelain figurines for Royal Copenhagen in Denmark and continued painting while living in Tonga and Fiji. Her art is greatly influenced by the patterns in nature and pacific and ethnic themes.



Title: Friendships
Media: Acrylic and mixed media on board
Size: 1200mm x 600mm
Retail: $895

Beate Minderjahn, German-born full-time Artist and Interior Designer lives and works on the Hibiscus Coast. Beate prefers to work on a large scale and develops her themes into a series of works. She also enjoys the challenge of commissioned works. Her Abstract Paintings, Mixed Media, Collages, Digital Photo Art and Art Cards focus on mood-enhancing qualities or specific colours and their interaction with texture. Using different mediums, the art work explores the relationship between visual impact and the positive effect art creates in our life.

“Each of my art pieces is a new challenge and reveals a fragment of life. It is the constant alternating processes of concealing and uncovering, hiding secret messages, creating with my hands, exploring colours, textures and language. Through different media my art invites the viewer to contemplate further on a soul-searching moment – to experience a visual meditation. Beauty plays an influential role in my abstract painting style which continues to evolve into an ongoing artistic journey of discovery.”



Artist: Angela Laby
Title: Foundation of Life
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 1000mm x 500mm
Retail: $420

Title: Iced Water
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 400mm x 1220mm
Retail: $395

Largely self taught, Angela Laby is enjoying a flourishing career as a full time, multi award winning professional artist.

Angela specialises in contemporary ‘pure’ abstract art, with the use of acrylics on canvas. Her unique use of texture is incorporated into every piece as she believes that this gives her work an added dimension, and for those who appreciate her work, something additional to contemplate.

‘I work with a variety of textures and mediums, and find that they work extremely well with my style of ‘pure’ abstract art. I find an infinite variety of textured patterning’s and designs, and consequently, it is fair to say that no two of my paintings are the same – each is uniquely individual’.

Angela exhibits extensively, with The Original Art Sale, The NZ Art Sale, The Franklin Art Exhibition, Auckland East’s Art Exhibition, Royal Easter Show Art Awards, and The Great Summer Art Exhibition being several of the more recent, and has received several awards and commendations as a result. In May 2010, she will be a participant in the 'Legato' exhibition, held in Cassino, Italy, which will represent the largest involvement of New Zealand artists in an international exhibition.

Angela’s work is found both nationally and internationally, and adorns the walls of many private collections, restaurants, hotels, offices etc.

A proud and active member of the NZ Art Guild, Angela regularly participates in member’s exhibitions and events and credits her involvement in the NZ Art Guild as being a launching platform from which she has established herself as a recognised contemporary artist.

‘The supportive environment and great leadership at the Guild has allowed me to develop as an artist, and the marketing and promotion ideas have proved invaluable’.

Angela can be commissioned privately and relishes the opportunity to work with clients on a one on one basis to create a piece which fits with the client and their decor.



Title: The Sun - Earth's Light
Size: 300mmx 300mm
Media: oil on canvas
Retail price:$300

I am particularly drawn to the South Islands inspiration for my oil landscape paintings. I feel rooted in this land as my grandmother was born in Reefton but I love the colour and vibrancy reminiscent of Mexico. I am drawn to a painterly approach which draws on realistic images for inspiration, but aims to capture mood, atmosphere and feeling. I also enjoy experimenting with solar system paintings and developing my portrait technique. I am in my final year of Bachelor in Art History.


Title: Resting at Kinloch.
Media: Photography
Size: 400mm x 450mm
Retail price: $495

Jacki Key is a photographic artist always looking for the quirky twists and natural beauty that present themselves in our amazing world, in both natural and urban landscapes. All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice - Elliot Erwit.

All prints are hand printed on fine art archival papers. Limited editions are numbered and individually signed.


Friday, 4 June 2010

NZ Art Guild Challenge #25

Every fortnight a challenge is issued to our guild members and also to members of our Facebook Fanpage

These challenges are completely voluntary. Submissions must be original and be completed during the 2 week time-frame. Participants may choose to interpret the theme in any way they wish.

For this challenge artists were asked to create a work of art using the following reference image:

"Boat high and dry at Mill Creek, Stewart Island, New Zealand" by Tanya Dann


Stan Blanch - "On naming this Boat "Tara" the owner failed to catch any more fish . He subsequently lost all interest in the boat and she languished here as a derelict"


Donnamaree Hampton - "calm after the storm"


Mike Greenwood - untitled

Jane Bold - "Stranded"

Stan Blanch - "Old Launch at Stewart Island"

Stan Blanch - "On closer inspection TARA 11 is not looking so good"

The next challenge is available now via our Facebook Fanpage - check it out for yourself and give it a go!
(you must be logged into facebook to view this page, if you are not currently a member of our group or facebook please feel free to join)

Teresa Rodger's new gallery opening

NZ Art Guild member, Teresa Rodger has recently got involved in a collective project opening a new gallery in Tirau. Artwork involved includes paintings, photography and pottery.

Address: 17F Main Street, Tirau, State Highway 1

To keep things fresh and exciting, different invited guests are showcasing their work at different times throughout the duration of the gallery.

Other Artists involved include: Ila Caldon, Jenny Douglas, Patricia Eastwood, Ann Gibbs, Gavin Smith, Miriam Jones, Warren Lee and Fiona Tunnicliffe. Current guest exhibiter, Duncan Sheer.

For more information, contact or phone (07) 883 1493

Theresa Cashmore Legato Exhibition feature on

Theresa Cashmore recently had an article published the website It discusses her involvement in the Legato, Italy Exhibition that was held this month.

To read the article click here

Francesca Gallo Featured in Gallery 36 Magazine!

Emerging Artists and Photographer's magazine Gallery 36 wrote a feature about NZ artists and photographers which included NZ Art Guild member Francesca Gallo. An awesome article!

Click on the image above to read the feature.

To read about the other featured artists in the online magazine click here