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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Letter of Introduction from Trustee - Geneva Gibson

Letter of introduction from Geneva Gibson:

My name is Geneva Gibson and I am an Art Consultant specialising in historical and contemporary art as well as taking a special interest in intellectual property law as it relates to the arts sector.

I have Art Gallery management expertise having managed an art gallery based in Parnell in recent years and being responsible for all facets of its business operation including customer services and sales, art research and writing of artists profiles and exhibition series notes, assisting with the delivery of exhibitions and the valuation of artworks.

I am a graduate of Auckland University holding both a BA and an LLB. I also have papers in 19th and 20th Century New Zealand Art History.

I have a strong interest in the visual arts and supporting the arts community and I feel very honoured to be a trustee of the New Zealand Art Guild Charitable Trust.

Kind Regards

Geneva Gibson
NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust

Letter of Introduction from the Chair - Brendon Laby


My passion for the arts stems from my wife's flourishing career as a pure abstract artist, and the resulting immersion in the art world. As a result, I have become an investment buyer of collectable art and sculpture and like to think that I have developed a keen eye for quality work.

Years ago, as an artist starting out on her career, my wife Angela, would paint for the love of painting, and because she developed a unique style which found favour with those who saw and purchased her work. Over time, it became apparent however, that she lacked a direction in respect to where her career could or should go. By chance, it was at this time, that we met Sophia Elise, and with the support and tools offered by the NZ Art Guild, the rest, as they say is history!

Angela has gone on to be a multi-award winning artist, known throughout the art world, and sought after by buyers. Much of her success is directly attributable to her active involvement with the NZ Art Guild. She has received invaluable advice, resources, opportunities and friendship from the Guild and its members. It is an incredibly constructive and supportive environment which has allowed her to challenge and be challenged to extend herself to be all she can be creatively. Frankly, I do not believe that we could have got her to where she now is in her career without the support and assistance provided by the NZ Art Guild.

When the opportunity came along for me to be involved in the next stage of the NZ Art Guild's development, I jumped at the opportunity, and am excited to be able to offer something back to the very organisation which has had such a profound impact on my wife's career and on our lives.

Kind Regrads

Brendon Laby
NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust

NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust - Board of Trustees

The NZ Art Guild is Governed by the NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust.

Below you will find a brief profile about each of the Trutees

Brendon Laby (Chairperson)
- Has a passion for visual arts which was developed initially through his wife, Angela Laby, who is an award winning artist and member of the NZ Art Guild
- Brendon is the General Manager and shareholder in the Packsys Group, an Aperio Company, funded by private equity through Catalyst Investments.
- Vast experience as an entrepreneur and strategic businessman with strengths in strategic investment and divestment activities.

Lorraine Owens (Deputy Chairperson)
- Has a passion for visual arts which was further developed through working with artists as the coordinator for the PACE programme at the Depot Art Centre, Auckland (3 years)
Lorraines past board and community experience includes
- Board of North Shore Community and Social Services (8 years), including 5 years as Chairperson
- Member of North Shore Women’s Centre Trust Board
- Member of Care and Protection Panel of CYFS (7 years)
- Management Committee North Harbour Living without Violence Project
- Qualified counselor involving work with Lifeline

Dr. Bruce Bryant
- Holds a Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Taxation Studies, and Master of Business Administration
- He was a Chartered Accountant for 40 years including owning his own business and doing fraud and investigative work
- Current trustee of the Going West Trust, Te Tuinga Whanau Support Services (and Chair) and Auckland Regional Migrant Services Charitable Trust Board
- He has held positions and advisory roles on many other boards including Te Wananga o Aoteroa Tertiary Educational Institue
- He is the creator and driver behind the company Digi-clik Int Ltd
- Acts as a financial advisor to many trusts and start up companies
- Currently lecturing at MIT and Southern Cross University in BBS and MBA subjects

Rich McGill
- Has a passion for visual arts developed through his keen interest in photography.
- He is currently an Associate Director at Deloittes in Auckland.
- Associate Chartered Accountant with the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.
- Previous financial stewardship experience acting as the Treasurer for the Rotaract Club of Auckland City Inc.
- Strategic governance experience through other trustee/executive roles
- Trained as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand

Geneva Gibson
- Geneva has a passion for visual arts and keen interest in intellectual property law as it pertains to artists
- Holds a BA and LLB from Auckland University
- Assisted with Gallery Management as Pierre Peeters Art Gallery in Parnell for 4 years
- Works as an Art Consultant specializing in historical and contemporary art

Introducing the NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust


Greetings All,

We are about to launch a new era for the NZ Art Guild.

You have shown interest in some aspect of the work of the NZ Art Guild and the networks it encompasses; most probably its online presence and its member’s exhibitions. Through that contact you may be aware that the NZ Art Guild has been forged out of the vision of a small core team of volunteers, led by Sophia Elise. What has been achieved in the seven years of its existence is truly remarkable and your interest is testament to that.

However, there comes a time when a volunteer network has to evolve into something more sustainable. The art is in doing that without any loss of the integrity and philosophy of the existing organisation.

To support the change to a more sustainable structure, a trust [The New Zealand Art Guild Charitable Trust] has been set up to nurture the NZ Art Guild and to provide a pathway to a secure funding future through public funding, corporate sponsorship and appropriate business development. The trustees are inspired by what has already been achieved and bring new energy to supporting your organisation.

The five trustees bring expertise and knowledge in the areas of fine arts, community arts, intellectual property, law, accounting, business strategy and trust and charity management. They are Brendon Laby [Chair], Lorraine Owens [Deputy Chair], Richard McGill, Dr Bruce Bryant and Geneva Gibson. To read more about them please see the following blog post.
So what does that mean for the wider arts community?

Firstly, it means no change in the delivery of the service to members and the extended network of interested parties such as yourself.

The people managing the organisation with will not change; Sophia Elise will continue in the role of Executive Director supported by Tanya Dann, Sharlene Schmidt, Christine Dempster, Marimba Powley and John Boylan.
NZ Art Guild will continue to provide members with:
• The online gallery which supports and promotes the work of member artists
• The forum which gives members an online voice and discussion space
• Members exhibitions and opportunities
• Advice on arts matters and networks to other key programmes and sites
• Discounts to members on arts related services

NZ Art Guild will continue to provide the wider arts sector with:
• Project management of art events such as charity auctions and exhibitions
• Co-Managing the Kumeu Art in the Garden Festival
• Art Hire for venues and events
• Sourcing artworks for events and commissions
• Advice and support on arts matters

Over time you can expect to see an improved web site, the development of new mentoring programmes, partnerships with other like minded arts organisations and an increased membership base which will enliven and stimulate the dialogue that is currently enjoyed. The possibility of international partnerships is also part of the longer term plan.

You may wish to continue with the level of connection you currently maintain. However, the future strength of the NZ Arts Guild will lie, in part, with its ability to provide relevant and cutting edge services to the arts community and to grow its membership around those services. You can make a significant contribution to the future of this organisation by either becoming a member and/or promoting it to other artists in your communities.

For some of you there may be an option to align with us as a sponsor or through a donorship programme. [The trust is currently applying for to the Charities Commission for Charitable Status which means all donations will be tax deductible.] A larger membership base from a wide range of sources means greater financial security for the NZ Art Guild. It means simply that the current volunteers can be paid for the tireless work that they do on behalf of our arts sector.

So, we thank you for your past support and interest and hope and expect that you will continue to find the NZ Art Guild relevant and inspiring. In short, the NZ Art Guild is entering a new and exciting period and you are warmly invited to share the ride.

Kind Regards,

Brendon Laby
NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust

Sophia Elise
Executive Director
NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust

Phone: 027 630 1810
Fax: 09 478 2586
Postal: PO Box 35098, Browns Bay, Auckland

Sunday, 15 May 2011

One Good Deed joins with NZ Art Guild

Exciting News for the NZ Art Guild

The NZ Art Guild is very excited to announce a new collaboration with the fundraising organisation - One Good Deed (OGD).

One Good Deed was started in January as a way for artists to support each others dreams through fundraising. A group of artists, spread throughout New Zealand, joined together to raise funds for a fellow artist to attend an artists residency in India in March. OGD's vision is simple - to assist their peers to follow their artistic dreams and achieve their creative goals. OGD is simply put - a group of artists working together to support artists.

We fully support and embrace the vision and mission of OGD and would like to take this opportunity to welcome one of OGD’s founding members Marimba Powley to the NZ Art Guild management team. Marimba will continue to manage OGD under the NZ Art Guild. She will be responsible for art donations, communications with artists and public, information updates, promotion as well as working closely with the team at NZ Art Guild to create fundraising opportunities for future nominees.

In the near future you will see OGD on the NZ Art Guild website, blog, Facebook page, twitter and members forum.

For those of you who participated in OGD's inaugural project (fundraising for Sharlene Schmidt) we would like to thank you again for the help and support and invite you to take part in the future of OGD. We welcome your input, whether you choose to participate by donating an artwork, donating funds, nominating a new project (including one of your own), helping promote the next initiative or purchasing work.

All questions and communications regarding One Good Deed should be directed to
Marimba Powley
Postal: c/o NZ Art Guild, PO Box 35098, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630

Kind regards

Sophia Elise
NZ Art Guild
Ph: 027 630 1810

Monday, 9 May 2011

Pocket Rockets Exhibition 2011

Our Pocket Rockets Exhibition is now on in Dunedin!
If you are in the area you can check it out between 9th-22nd May at the ArtStation Gallery, 1st floor, Dunedin Railway Station. 10am-4pm daily. Entry is FREE!

For more images of each artists work plus details about sizes and prices you can check out our facebook album

Saturday, 7 May 2011

NZ Art Guild April Newsletter

NZ Art Guild

April 2011

Welcome to April's edition of the NZ Art Guild Newsletter.


Toni Dolan has won the Light, Space and Time Online Gallery monthly themed competition for the month of March. Toni took out the Animals themed challenge with her wonderful piece entitled "Big Red"

Big Red" by Toni Dolan

Ron Esplin had an article published in the Otago Daily Times about his recent exhibition "Southern Scenes"

Marimba Powley has been selected to be one of the 7 Guest Artists at 2011 Southland Festival of the Arts. Marimba will be giving a wire sculpting demonstration at Anderson Park Art Gallery, 91 McIvor Road, Invercargill, Sunday 8th May from 2-4.30pm

"Dickie Bird" by Marimba Powley

Lauryne Hart - is one of 7 artists invited as guest artists for the Ashburton Society of Arts 47th Annual Exhibition. The exhibition will be held at the Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring Square East - 20 June - 08 July.

Antonia Luz Ines won the national "Environmental Photography Challenge" run by the Waitakiruru Sculpture Park for her photograph entitled "Glacial Landscape". She had a great article about her piece in the Hamilton Press.

Royal Easter Show Art Award Winners

This year was a great year for NZ Art Guild members at the Royal Easter Show with the following members receiving prizes:

Angela Laby
2nd in the Mixed Media section with "Ferocity" and 4th in the Oil or Acrylic - Open section with "Turbulence"

Angela Laby with her painting "Ferocity" at the Royal Easter Show

Angela Laby with her painting "Turbulence" at the Royal Easter Show

2nd in the Oil or Acrylic - Open section with "Heliconia's" and 4th in the Oil or Acrylic - Open section with an untitled piece

"Heliconia's" by Anita Madhav

Untitled by Anita Madhav

Donna Massey
3rd in the Oil or Acrylic - Open section with "Afternoon at Pautahanui Inlet" and 4th in the Oil or Acrylic - Open section with "Hope"

"Afternoon at Pautahanui Inlet" by Donna Massey

"Hope" by Donna Massey

3rd in the New Artist Award - Open section with her piece "Motherlove"

"Motherlove" by Ellen Eskildsen

4th equal in the Small Painting - Open section with her two pieces "NZ Kotare" and "Cup fever II"

John Towers
2nd in the Abstract section with "Brambles and Roses" and 4th in the Mixed Media section with "Auckland at sunset"


Workshops available by NZ Art Guild Member Olivier Duhamel, Fabulous opportunity for anyone wanting to learn Bronze Casting.

Course outline: This 5 days workshop teaches the lost wax technique and will have you cast your own small fist sized bronze sculpture.

The workshop is suitable for professional sculptors and hobbyist or as an elective for art students.

image courtasy of

Course Role: Minimum 4 - Maximum 8 students - $600

All materials included. No previous experience necessary. Dress appropriately. No particular physical strength required.

5 day workshop
Monday 20 June to Friday 24 June 2011
Monday 22 August to Friday 26 August 2011

2 weekends workshop
Sat/Sun7-8 and Sat/Sun 14-15 May 2011
Sat/Sun 23-24 and Sat/Sun 30-31 July 2011

Location: The Red Shed, Palm Beach, Waiheke Island.

More details are available on Olivier's website
or you can contact him directly 09 372 7220 09 372 7220 ,

Acrylic Adventures: Gels, Pastes, Mediums, Paints, Skins and Digital Grounds - do you know their creative possibilities?

Morag Stokes is one of only 7 NZ Artist to have been trained by Golden Artist Colours Ltd to run workshops for artists using their wide acrylic range. Workshops are now running from her studio in Khandallah, Wellington, and are aimed at people who have experience of painting, from hobbyists to professionals. All materials are provided.


POCKET ROCKETS 2011 - Dunedin

Helen Parsons - Collette Fergus - Amanda Cass - Tanya Dann

19 talented NZ artists come together at the Otago Art Society's Art Station Gallery, 1st floor, Dunedin Railway Station, bottom of Stuart St (below the Octagon) between the 9th - 22nd of May to showcase a stunning array of small artworks.

This exhibition is an expose of the visual talent NZ has to offer, featuring 100 artworks from award winning and emerging artists.

Participating artists include: Amanda Cass, Amy MacKinnon, Anni Morris, Chris Cruickshank, Collette Fergus, Gerda Smit, Helen Parsons, Isla Osborne, Jane Bold, Jane Tan, Kylie Duncan, Lei Wen, Natasha Shackleton, Peter Augustin, Ron Esplin, Sofia Spirtova, Sue McPhee, Tanya Dann and Toni Dolan.

An exhibition NOT to be missed!!!


10 NZ artists spent time in Italy in May 2010. They were exhibiting artworks at the Legato Exhibition in commemoration of the Battle of Cassino. “Reflections of Italy” includes work by 8 of the artists who made that journey. The exhibition will be held at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, 1 Queen's Wharf, Wellington from the 16th - 22nd May.

Participating Artists include: Jon Stevenson, Cath Sheard, Theresa Cashmore, Sharlene Schmidt, Sophia Elise, Frances Rookes, Lorraine Beattie and Margherita Giampietri

If you're near these take the time to check them out:

Rural Connections
When: 31st March - 5th May
Where: Terrace Downs Resort, Coleridge Road, Windwhistle, Canterbury
NZ Art Guild Member Participating: Amy Preston

Made by New Zealand
When: 14th April - 17th May
Where: Niven Room, Taupo Museum, Story Place, Taupo
NZ Art Guild Member Participating: Nancy Tschetner

Undy Four Hundy
When: April 29th - May 22nd
Where: Fusion Art Gallery, Lumsden, Southland
NZ Art Guild Members Participating: Amy Preston and Michelle Wallis

Past Memories, Future Keepsakes
When: 5th May - 3rd June
Where: Terrace Downs Resort, Coleridge Road, Windwhistle, Canterbury
NZ Art Guild Member Participating: Veronica Young

Waikato Sculpture Trust's Environmental Art Photography Challenge 2011
When: 29th April - 6th June
Where: ArtsPost Galleries and Shop, 120 Victoria Street, Hamilton
NZ Art Guild Members Participating: Sandra Robinson

The Sketchbook Project - Exhibition
When: Various locations around the USA
Where: Feb 19th – July 31st
NZ Art Guild Members Participating: Tineswari Maruthamuthu

Thousands of sketchbooks are being exhibited at galleries and museums as they make their way on tour across the USA. After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be cataloged and available for the public to view. 28839 artists from 94 countries were sent blank sketchbooks. Just under 10,000 books were returned completed — all of which will be on display.

Our venues specifically for member use:

Dedicated Venues
Nanette Randall - Apollo Cafe, 5 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
Nancy Tschtener - Cross Cut, Antares Plaza, Apollo Dr, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
Teresa MacLean - Direct Link Taxation, Apollo Dr, Albany, Auckland

ART BEAT - News for Artists

Artists Wanted! 13th May is the last day for artist applications for the 2011 New Zealand Art Show in Wellington. Apply on line now or email

20th Wallace Art Awards 2011 - Application information and entry form available at: and or email (closes 11th August)

Calling all artists: Feilding and District Art Society will hold their fourth annual art sale the "Manawatu Art Expo" at the Convention Centre 15th, 16th and 17th July, 2011.9am -5pm daily. enquiries to You can download a registration form from (closes 31st May)

Call for submissions - "One Size Fits All" 2011. A group exhibition and competition for New Zealand artists held at Thornton Gallery, Hamilton. Entry forms can be downloaded from the galleries website (closes 1st June)

Free Artist Directory Listing

All NZ Artists are entitled to a free listing in our online Artist Directory. If you are an artist and not currently listed in the directory don’t miss out on this great opportunity for free advertising! A free listing includes your name, art from and link to email. All we need is you to do is email the category you would like to be listed under eg. Painting, oil, landscape to Tanya Dann

Keep in touch and up to date!

There are several ways you can keep up to date with the NZ Art Guild, Members and events:
- Visit our website:  
- Visit our newsblog
- Connect with us on:
o Facebook
o Twitter
o LinkedIn

Spread the Word .....

You are welcome to forward this email onto your friends, family and co-workers.

Kind Regards

Tanya Dann
NZ Art Guild Admin Assistant

Contact the NZ Art Guild:

Sophia Elise

Fax: 09 478 2586
Phone/Mobile: 027 630 1810 027 630 1810 027 630 1810

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Congratulations to NZ Art Guild member Antonia Luz Ines

Antonia Luz Ines has won the national "Environmental Photography Challenge" run by the Waitakaruru Sculpture Park for her photograph entitled "Glacial Landscape".

(click on the image for a larger view)

The judge's comments were:

"'Glacial Landscape' is a strong image that beautifully captures the tension between water and rock, plays with ideas of scale and shows a cohesive attention to colour, form and composition" - competition judge Margi Moore

In the news...

Congratulations to Ron Esplin who had an article published in the Otago Daily Times about his recent exhibition "Southern Scenes"