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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Introducing the NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust


Greetings All,

We are about to launch a new era for the NZ Art Guild.

You have shown interest in some aspect of the work of the NZ Art Guild and the networks it encompasses; most probably its online presence and its member’s exhibitions. Through that contact you may be aware that the NZ Art Guild has been forged out of the vision of a small core team of volunteers, led by Sophia Elise. What has been achieved in the seven years of its existence is truly remarkable and your interest is testament to that.

However, there comes a time when a volunteer network has to evolve into something more sustainable. The art is in doing that without any loss of the integrity and philosophy of the existing organisation.

To support the change to a more sustainable structure, a trust [The New Zealand Art Guild Charitable Trust] has been set up to nurture the NZ Art Guild and to provide a pathway to a secure funding future through public funding, corporate sponsorship and appropriate business development. The trustees are inspired by what has already been achieved and bring new energy to supporting your organisation.

The five trustees bring expertise and knowledge in the areas of fine arts, community arts, intellectual property, law, accounting, business strategy and trust and charity management. They are Brendon Laby [Chair], Lorraine Owens [Deputy Chair], Richard McGill, Dr Bruce Bryant and Geneva Gibson. To read more about them please see the following blog post.
So what does that mean for the wider arts community?

Firstly, it means no change in the delivery of the service to members and the extended network of interested parties such as yourself.

The people managing the organisation with will not change; Sophia Elise will continue in the role of Executive Director supported by Tanya Dann, Sharlene Schmidt, Christine Dempster, Marimba Powley and John Boylan.
NZ Art Guild will continue to provide members with:
• The online gallery which supports and promotes the work of member artists
• The forum which gives members an online voice and discussion space
• Members exhibitions and opportunities
• Advice on arts matters and networks to other key programmes and sites
• Discounts to members on arts related services

NZ Art Guild will continue to provide the wider arts sector with:
• Project management of art events such as charity auctions and exhibitions
• Co-Managing the Kumeu Art in the Garden Festival
• Art Hire for venues and events
• Sourcing artworks for events and commissions
• Advice and support on arts matters

Over time you can expect to see an improved web site, the development of new mentoring programmes, partnerships with other like minded arts organisations and an increased membership base which will enliven and stimulate the dialogue that is currently enjoyed. The possibility of international partnerships is also part of the longer term plan.

You may wish to continue with the level of connection you currently maintain. However, the future strength of the NZ Arts Guild will lie, in part, with its ability to provide relevant and cutting edge services to the arts community and to grow its membership around those services. You can make a significant contribution to the future of this organisation by either becoming a member and/or promoting it to other artists in your communities.

For some of you there may be an option to align with us as a sponsor or through a donorship programme. [The trust is currently applying for to the Charities Commission for Charitable Status which means all donations will be tax deductible.] A larger membership base from a wide range of sources means greater financial security for the NZ Art Guild. It means simply that the current volunteers can be paid for the tireless work that they do on behalf of our arts sector.

So, we thank you for your past support and interest and hope and expect that you will continue to find the NZ Art Guild relevant and inspiring. In short, the NZ Art Guild is entering a new and exciting period and you are warmly invited to share the ride.

Kind Regards,

Brendon Laby
NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust

Sophia Elise
Executive Director
NZ Art Guild Charitable Trust

Phone: 027 630 1810
Fax: 09 478 2586
Postal: PO Box 35098, Browns Bay, Auckland

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