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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Emerge Exhibition Article - Amy Mackiewicz

Blenheim based artist, Amy Mackiewicz ,was interviewd by her local paper about her involvement in the upcoming Emerge Exhibition. Great article!! However there are a few errors that May has pointed out to us - Amy's surname is spelt Mackiewicz not Mackiewiczis - she's 24 not 21 (although as she gets older we're sure she'd be pleased to shave a few years off her age). None of her artworks are in acrylics and she didn't donate an artwork to be auctioned at this event - although she did donate to a recent charity event.

You can see 9 of Amy's artworks at the Bruce Mason Centre , Takapuina, Auckland from July 2nd until July 30th.

Or check out her website

1 comment:

Valentine Fiber Arts said...

Amy so nice to see your face. To bad there were so many errors in the article. Good luck with your exhibition, hope you get heaps of sales!