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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

NZ Art Guild Art Challenge #51 - get inspired, get involved!!!

Challenge #51
Theme: Animal Antics
Due Date: 21 Oct 2011

It is not compulsory to participate in these challenges, they are just a bit of fun. We give you a challenge/theme to work with and create an artwork in accordance with the challenge set. New Challenges will be loaded monthly.

How to get involved:
Create an artwork inspired by the theme or images provided before 5pm (NZ time) on the due date. You may use any media you like to create your artwork.

Images of your finished works can be submitted via the wall of our facebook fanpage - remember to include the challenge number in the description of your image along with the following details: artist name, artwork title, medium, size, date of completion and your website address (if you have one). Or email your images to with the above details.

NZ Art Guild members (ie those who pay subscriptions) are required to submit their works on the members only forum if they wish to be included in the voting for Members Choice and Most Creative. Only NZ Art Guild members artworks will be up for voting.

Entries will be displayed on this blog after the challenge has closed with links to artists websites (where they are provided), along with the results of the members vote.

Artworks MUST be created between the time the challenge is announed and the due date. Please do not submit works created prior to the challenge announcement (21/9/2011), if the NZ Art Guild management team feel this has occured they reserve the right to remove the images at their discression.

You may use the images below for inspiration if you wish - although this is not compulsory for this challenge. The images may be recreated using another medium, digital reproductions will be accepted as long as obvious editing has occurred. The images below may not be reproduced as they are or sold by anyone other than the person who took them, you may however sell artworks created from them.

Images for inspiration:
(taken at Melbourne Zoo by Tanya Dann - NZ Art Guild Administration Assistant)

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