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Monday, 15 March 2010

Society of Brilliant Ideas Opens in Auckland

(This much loved, Art Deco building is filled with artistic and interesting businesses, Jewellers, Architects, Film Producers, Artists and of course, Rakino’s bar and cafĂ©.)

An eclectic collective of 19 Auckland creatives, artists, designers, a jeweller, craft artist, photographer, musicians, dancers, and writers have opened The Society of Brilliant Ideas.

The Auckland City arts collective plans to feature members work, performance and innovation in a refurbished gallery, workshop and Studio space at Historic 35 High Street (the iconic Rakinos building) in the heart of Auckland’s CBD.

Exploiting the collapse of Auckland’s commercial lease rates, the groups’ 19 Artists share the cost of running the space, each producing innovative and challenging art work across ten different media.

Collective chairwoman Rachelle Pederson says the space has huge potential to produce great local artwork and creativity. “It’s great to be in a space with 18 others…all of them talented, creative, and hungry, we’ve had a magical opportunity to move into a great space we can now afford to work in.”

The Society of Brilliant ideas officially opens at 6pm on the 19th of March… in celebration the collective invites the public to join them at level Six, 35 high street for performances by Buffy and Bimbo and St Janera, and artwork by all the members of the collective.

For More Information Contact:
Rachelle Pedersen 021 504 222
Claire Cowan 021 519 666
Ben Clark – 021 138 4403

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