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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Join us at New Zealand's Got Talent

"New Zealand's Got Talent" is an exhibition which features both award-winning and emerging artists.

It showcases a broad range of styles and is an expose of the upcoming visual art talent that New Zealand has to offer. From abstract to landscapes, mixed media to mosaics the lineup of 29 amazing artists is sure to delight viewers from all walks of life. The month long exhibit will be held at City Gallery, Don Street, Invercargill and opening night at 7pm, March 5th 2010. The exhibition itself is open to the public and will run from March 5th-31st.

Participating NZ Art Guild Artists: Janet Marshall, Sophia Elisa, Kirsty Black, Tanya Dann, Jane Santos, Natasha Shackleton, Chavah Kinloch, Sally Blyth, Robyn Robertson, Amy Mackiewicz, Sharlene Schmidt, Michelle Wallis, Suzanne Carter, Marimba Powley, Cath Sheard, Ambury Hall, Lyn Hurring, Pam Tapp, Ana Te Huurne, Sofia Spirtova and Rachael Inch.

Non- NZ Art Guild Artists: Philina Den Dulk, Tracey Strenhouse, Denita Tizard, Kay Ward, Alfred Memelink,Theresa Cashmore, Melissa McCreanor, and Erika Husselmann.

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