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Friday, 19 March 2010

Cassino Gallery exhibition members getting media attention

Sharlene and Rhonda's two page article

Cath Sheard

Many of the NZ Art Guild members involved in the Cassino, Italy Exhibition are getting a lot of exposure in the media. Cath Sheard, Sharlene Schmidt and Rhonda Turk are travelling to Italy to be part of the exhibition.

TLC also wrote articles about Sharlene, Rhonda and Cath.
Sharlene and Rhonda
Sue McPhee had an article written about her on the website

Other NZ Art Guild members who are travelling to Italy for the exhibition include: Lorraine Beattie, Ronda Turk, Sharlene Schmidt, Sophia Elise, Theresa Cashmore and Cath Sheard.

Other NZ Art Guild members contributing artwork include: Angela Laby, Beate Minderjahn, Chrissy Brook, Gail Boyle, Pam Tapp, Sally Blyth, Stan Blanch and Sue McPhee.

Non NZ Art Gild Members who are also travelling over include Rachel Olsen, Jon Stevenson, Dave Fowell, Frances Rooke, Margherita Giampietri and Merv Appleton

Non NZ Art Guild members who are involved in exhibition include Ann Fletcher, Eleanor Wright, Frances Rookes, Francesca Gallo, Gidon Bing, Gilmore Wall, Helen Moore, Ira Mitchell, Janice Corbishley. Jenny Bennett, Kari Lindsay-Beale, Katherine Batchelor, Kay De Lautour Scott, Linda Dickens, Lisa-Jane Harvey, Margaret Piggot, Priya Makwana, Richard Zajkowski, Sarah Scott and Susan Edge.

Check out the official blog for the Cassino Italy Exhibition. This year's theme is Legato - Peace and Rememberance.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's artwork, what an awesome exhibition this is going to be!

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