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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Creative Commons vs Copyright

Here is some useful information that NZ Art Guild Member, Cath Sheard posted about Creative Commons and Copyright.

In copyright, essentially the rights are with the creator, but there all kinds of complications, as we all know. Creative commons is a way of addressing that and is easy to understand -

Being an artist this is very important information!

In Australia and New Zealand there are 6 levels of Creative Commons (in other parts of the world they come up wth a different but similar system). In basic terms, the levels work like this

1) Attribution.

Do what you want wth my work, remix etc, even commercially, as long as you say I made the original. Most free of all the levels.

2) Attribution/Non Commerical.
Do what you want with my work, remix etc, but NOT commercially, as long as you say I made the original. New creators can use any level of Creative Commons they like for new work.

3)Attribution/ Non Commercial / No Derivavtive works.

Toughest of the 6 levels. Share my work, but you must name as the creator and link the work back to me. Cant change my work or use commercially.

4) Attribution / Non Commercial / Share alike.

Do what you like with my work, remix, translakeetc, but NOT commerically. Must credit me as creator AND license under same level of Creative Commons.

5) Attribution/ No derivative works.

Lets you redistribute, comercial or non, as long as its credited to me and work is unaltered.

6) Attribution / Share alike.

Remix my work, tweak etc, even commercial use, but credit me as original creator and must use same level of Creative Commons.

If you decide to explore for your own use, check out their website here

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