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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Feature Artist of the Week

Anni Morris

"I've drawn, painted and made things all of my life in one way or another. Detail, colour, texture, shapes, light and shadow…all things visual have always been very important to me. As a child I enjoyed creating something out of nothing…a dolls house from cardboard shoe boxes, a puppet from odds and ends, even wooden stilts from an old broken piano.

I have never wished it to be a restrictive technical exercise but more an explorative process, where I feel freedom to discover things ‘en route’. This way, it retains its sense of fun and playfulness.

I consider myself an experimental painter and a perennial beginner who has no fixed style. Art for me is about limitless possibilities more than anything else. Creating art is a form of magic and it never ceases to surprise or interest me.

I adore cats (seeking to capture their “catness”in an expressionist manner), trees/plants, buildings, skies, faces and ethnic motifs. The common denominator in my work is colour. I prefer a warm palette.

My mother, a commercial artist, was my first teacher. I have studied Design at Otago University and majored in Art at the Dunedin College of Education. Mostly though I am self-taught and self-representing. I live in Dunedin, in the "Deep South" of New Zealand. My art has been collected in New Zealand and abroad" - Anni Morris

Anni in the News

Innocent Partner

Earlier in September Anni entered 6 paintings in the MS Society (Multiple Scelerosis Society) Wobbly Arts Exhibition. It opened with a charity art auction and 5 out of the 6 sold on the opening night, one to Peter Chin (the Dunedin Mayor) who also officially opened the auction.

Anni also recently entered two paintings in the Dunedin International Airport Art Awards/Otago Arts Society Spring Exhibition. The painting ‘Innocent Partner’ won 2nd place and sold along with her other painting ‘Sweet Surrender’. Both of these artworks were created for NZ Art Guild Challenges! The exhibition is on at the Dunedin Railway Station at the moment.

Sweet Surrender

Congratulations Anni!

To view more of Anni's art go to

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