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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Featured artist of the week - Sophia Elise

Sophia Elise is an Auckland based, self-taught artist. She is actively involved in the art community as founding member and manager of the NZ Art Guild and also as a Trust Board Member for Mairangi Art Centre. She has been selected as a finalist in several NZ Art Awards, involved in numerous exhibitions throughout NZ and recently exhibited in London. Her art can be found in select NZ galleries and is held in international art collections. Sophia also feels passionately about her art helping those less fortunate so donates to charity art events on a regular basis.

Sophia has two very distinct styles of art. She is an extremely tactile person and this love of texture is reflected in her heavily textured minimalist abstract style which often incorporates resin. Her other distinctive style is created entirely with hand painted dots which result in very funky detailed artwork with an almost Aboriginal feel to them.

When Sophia creates she believes it's important to "Make it Memorable". She achieves this by drawing inspiration from her emotions and forging it with her environment and experiences to create unique, original art which is a window into her soul. By doing this she encourages the viewer to connect on a deeper level and explore places within themselves. 'If my art can reach into the soul of another and emotionally and spiritually touch that person, then it's all worthwhile.'

Contact Sophia by email: or visit her website:

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