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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Feature Artist of the Week

Joanne Wright

PixieMoonArts is all about making and creating enchanting works!!

I am a photographic artist. A faery wing and things creator.

Someone who is probably obsessed with anything Enchanting...

Oh and a real life pixie.


I am an odd real life faery, that loves jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain, nature inspires me, and I am forever searching for the faery groves around my beautiful country. I love sparkly wings and things, and purples, husky hues and bluesy tunes. I am often found sleeping in the magickal willow tree......Sometimes though, I am also found wandering through the misty valleys with the twist of the full moon, comfortably caressing the darkened shadows....But all in all, faery, light or dark, I am unique and at one.

My style of art is perhaps quirky, perhaps unique but that describes me, my beliefs are centered on nature and beyond, so it stands to reason my magical creations mirror my inner being. I always played around with a camera, I love to capture that special vision amidst the magic that I feel I have always had. My passion of fantasy and mythology has never waned much from my imagination,I guess it is deeply embedded in me. All my art is original, and I like to go out and converse with nature to get the background shots and ambiance I am needing for my art. I create my own costumes and props as often as possible, making the imagery with my own flavour of quirky. All talent shots are taken by me on location.
I also create and sell faery clothes - wings and skirts


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