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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Feature Artist of the Week

Helen Sherrock

Helen is a multi talented, emerging artist living in Taumarunui, Central North Island, New Zealand. She works mostly in acrylics, painting a variety of subjects which generally have some form of animal/birds or butterflies in them, reflecting her passion for nature in art. She also has a tendency to paint artworks inspired by her children and the children around us. Hence some of Helen's imaginary work.

Helen prefers to paint art with meaning, and her pieces often have a story behind them, this makes painting so much more fun and from the heart - Art from the Heart

"I have been a member of the NZ Art Guild for the past year and am thoroughly enjoying mingling with like minded people and loving the opportunities the Guild has made available to me"

To View more of Helen's Artworks go to

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