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Monday, 26 January 2009

Guild Members Exhibitions - February 2009

The following are some of the amazing exhibitions being held by NZ Art Guild Members during the month of February. If you are in the area please stop by and have a look - support New Zealand Artists!!!

Catherine Outwin - Monmo Gallery
When: 19/01/2009 to 1/02/2009
Where: Monmo Gallery, Orewa
Participating NZ Art Guild Artists: Catherine Outwin


First off the Block
When: 20/01/2009 to 31/01/2009
Where: Mairangi Art Centre, Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
Participating NZ Art Guild Artists: Victoria Anderson, Sophia Elise

Opening Night: Tuesday January 20th 5:30pm
All artworks in this exhibition are painted on 25cm square canvas donated by Gordon Harris Art Supplies.


Solo Exhibition
When: 28/01/2009 to 15/2/2009
Where: Tara Poolman Gallery, Matakana
Participating NZ Art Guild Artists: Damian Barnshaw

Opening Night: Wednesday 28th January 6pm - 8pm
First solo exhibition featuring the work of Damian Barnshaw


Joy Finney and Judith Meakin
When: 31/01/2009 to 13/02/2009
Where: Matakana Country Park, Leigh Road, Matakana
Participating NZ Art Guild Artists: Judith Meakin

Opening Night: Saturday 31st January 4pm - 6pm
Local Omaha residents present their new collections at a joint exhibition


When: 3/02/2009 to 18/02/2009
Where: Mairangi Art Centre, Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
Participating NZ Art Guild Artists: Kirsty Black, Lauren Worsley

Several artists exhibiting different series of artworks.


Life Exhibition and Shave An Artist Charity Art Auction

When: 3/02/2009 to 28/02/2009
Where: Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna Beach, Auckland
Participating NZ Art Guild Artists: Amy Mackiewicz, Beate Minderjahn, Cath Sheard, Catherine Outwin, Christine Dempster, Helen Sherrock, Jane Bold, Jane Santos, Janet Marshall, Jen Christiansen, Julia Dungan, Juliet Cryns, Kelly Poulton, Kirsty Black, Lauren Worsley, Linda Lloyd, Linda Paul, Marimba Powley, Melissa Muirhead, Michelle Whitehouse, Nancy Frazer, Natalie Makeef, Rachael Inch, Robyn Robertson, Sally Blyth, Sharlene Schmidt, Sofia Minson, Sophia Elise, Suzanne Carter, Tania Verrent, Tanya Dann, Tines Maruthamuthu, Tony Brown, Trish MacReady, Victoria Anderson

Opening Night: Tuesday February 3rd 6pm

Join us for a one of a kind not to be missed charity event. Watch while artists and friends have their heads shaved alongside their artworks being auctioned. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation of NZ (LBF) and 20% of the Exhibition sales will also be donated to LBF. For more information click on "shave an artist" on our home page

To support our shavees by placing a dontation please visit

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