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Saturday, 17 January 2009

2009 Lawrence Summer Art Festival Winners

Congratulations to the following people who have both won prizes in the 2009 Lawrence Summer Art Festival. As part of their prize they will also recieve a membership to the NZ Art Guild.

BEST THEME: Marie Reid "Snapshots"
The Judge, Kelly Aitken says in her own words: " Bright, fresh, snappy! I can taste the coffee! No question the painting captures the look of Lawrence

Marie Reid with her winning painting "Snapshots"

BEST LANDSCAPE: Sue Mcphee "Vintage Gold"
Comments from Kelly Aitken: The painting radiates a vintage golden glow! Imaginative composition.!!
Sue used old newspaper print and historic stories on the background of the painting. She painted a landscape of Gabriels Gully on the canvas , consequently every scene "reflects" - a different angle for the observer.

Sue Mcphee and her painting "Vintage Gold"

Maureen Cummings, Committee Members of the LSAF alongside Art Exhibition Co-ordinator and NZ Art Guild Member Sharon Ann Burger

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