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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Theme Week Challenge - Evolution (31/3/08)

Every fortnight members are given a theme. They have the next 2 weeks to paint/create something to that theme. These challenges are completely voluntary. Submissions must be original, be of any size, medium or style and be completed during the 2 week time-frame.

Members vote at the end of the challenge for the "People's Choice" and "Most Creative use of Theme" awards. The winners are displayed on the front page of the NZ Art Guild website for 2 weeks. They will now also be displayed on this blog.

The following paintings were the winners of the "EVOLUTION" theme (31/3/08), incorporated with this theme was the use of a palette knife.


"...from a single seed - Golden Tree " by Jane Bold
Medium : Acrylic on stretched canvas, with palette knife, painted at sides in Indigo Black Tree highlighted in gold paint
Size : 24 cm x 30 cm


"Evolution" by Sally Blyth
on a kwila panel - palette knife to create the texture (sort of waves of time) and then woodstain to create the graduation (evolution) of colour and then calligraphy pen and ink to go from early stone age etching, hieroglyphics through to cursive writing, sgrafitto and language

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