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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The NZ Art Guild invites you to join us for the opening of "Our Future" and the unveiling of "Light of my life" the 2011 Collaborative project

Image artworks:

Top row: Angela Laby, Marimba Powley, Jo Mallinger, Tanya Dann
Bottom row: Tash Shackleton, Sue Shore, Sophia Elise, Bruce Fergusson

Be there on opening night to witness the unveiling of our 2011 Collaborative Project "Light of my life". This is a fantastic, single artwork created by individual paintings by 56 New Zealand artists. The overall image of this artwork is kept secret, even from those participating it, until the opening night. To read more about our previous collaborative artwork projects go to

"Light of my life" will be auctioned off via Trade Me with the proceeds being donated to KidsCan. KidsCan is an amazing nationwide charity that is dedicated to eliminating poverty by helping meet the physical and nutritional needs of disadvantaged NZ children, so they can reach their full potential in life. They have several different programmes including Food for Kids, Shoes for Kids, Raincoats for Kids, Warm Kids (providing beanies and thermal tops) and Cool Kids (providing sun hats). For more information and to see how you can help go to

Exhibiting Artists:
Ambury Hall, Angela Laby, Angela Dunn, Bruce Ferguson, Cath Sheard, Chris Cruickshank, Claire Fairweather, Cynthia McKenzie, Dennis Clark, Freeman Hau, Gerda Smit, Jane Bold, Jo Mallinger, John Boylan, John Towers, Leo Cappel, Linda Paul, Lorraine Beattie, Marimba Powley, Melissa Muirhead, Michael Cashmore, Michele Courage, Michelle Thorby, Nanette Randall, Pam Tapp, Paul Haysom, Peter Augustin, Rochelle May van der Werff, Roeleen Steenkamp-Struning, Sarah Marks, Sharlene Schmidt, Sherrill Bentley, Sofia Spirtova, Sophia Elise, Sue Shore, Tanya Dann, Tanya McCabe, Tash Shackleton, Victoria Anderson, Yana Meech.

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