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Saturday, 16 October 2010

NZ Art Guild's October Feature Artist - Angela Laby

Contemporary artist, Angela Laby, is enjoying a flourishing career as a full time, multi award winning professional artist.

Angela specialises in contemporary ‘pure’ abstract art, with the use of acrylics on canvas. Her unique use of texture is incorporated into every piece as she believes that this gives her work an added dimension, and for those who appreciate her work, something additional to contemplate.

‘I work with a variety of textures and mediums, and find that they work extremely well with my style of ‘pure’ abstract art. I find an infinite variety of textured patterning’s and designs, and consequently, it is fair to say that no two of my paintings are the same – each is uniquely individual’.

Angela exhibits extensively, with The Original Art Sale, The NZ Art Show, The Franklin Art Exhibition, Royal Easter Show Art Awards, and The Great Summer Art Exhibition, being several of the more recent, and has received several awards and commendations as a result. Recently, Angela exhibited at the Legato exhibition in Cassino, Italy.

A proud and active member of the NZ Art Guild, Angela regularly participates in member’s exhibitions and events and credits her involvement in the NZ Art Guild as being a launching platform from which she has established herself as a recognised contemporary artist.

‘The supportive environment and great leadership at the Guild has allowed me to develop as an artist, and the marketing and promotion ideas have proved invaluable’.

"Consumed" by Angela Laby

"Fixated" by Angela Laby 

"Resolute" by Angela Laby

You can view more of Angela's work on her website

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