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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

NZ Art Guild Challenge #35

Every fortnight a challenge is issued to our guild members and also to members of our Facebook Fanpage

These challenges are completely voluntary. Submissions must be original and be completed during the 2 week time-frame. Participants may choose to interpret the theme in any way they wish.

For this challenge artists were asked to create a work of art inspired by the following images:
"Crack in the Wall" by Tanya Dann

There were no entries submitted by our members however there were some stunning entries from our Facebook fans!!!

Maartje Hyink - "Fresh amoung the dry" 

Maartje Hyink - "Slanted Roof"

Maartje Hyink - "Spider web in rock" 

Cassandra Gordon-Harris - "crack in the wall, variation" 

 Emilie Hay - "Cracks in the City"

The next challenge is available now via our Facebook Fanpage - check it out for yourself and give it a go!

(you must be logged into facebook to view this page, if you are not currently a member of our group or facebook please feel free to join)

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