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Friday, 29 October 2010

Invitation "Nelson to Darfield" Selwyn Gallery

*Bather, Oilstick on Board, Lloyd Harwood

Sat 5th Nov – Thurs 2nd Dec ‘Nelson To Darfield’

An exceptional exhibition from five renowned Nelson Artists: Marilyn Andrews, Owen Bartlett, Katie Gold, Lloyd Harwood and Sally Papps who explore colour, texture and the visual juxtaposition of art and our environment.

Selwyn Gallery is very pleased to present an eclectic collection of highly regarded artists from Nelson - five very disparate styles and mediums which complement each other through wit, form, technique and execution.

Marilyn Andrews is well known for painting, but has recently explored more textural elements in her art. Fabulous miniature cloth ‘costumes’ are hung three together on string, with intricate detailing and design. By showing souls ‘strung up in limbo’, Marilyn questions societal constructs and ‘the journey of the soul’ as we explore who we are, and what drives us to exist within certain parameters – be it relationships, work, or family expectations.

Owen Bartlett is a fantastically talented sculptor with a sense of the dramatic. Influenced by his love of the sea and particularly diving, Owen has created ‘Neptune’s Treasure’ – a series of simplistic, biomorphic oceanic forms made from Aerated Clay. With exquisite texture and proportion, the ‘Neptune’s Treasure’ series conveys the magic and mystery deep within the sea, while showing the unequivocal beauty inherent within its depths.

Katie Gold is a contemporary ceramic artist who’s exuberant joy in colour, texture and shape is captivating. Using fine strips of clay, Katie ‘builds’ layers of clay into unique forms which celebrate her love of New Zealand in the physical – natural beauty and incredible geography – combined with the vibrant use of colour in her glazes, resulting in an outstanding ceramic collection.

Lloyd Harwood is a wonderfully sophisticated painter, who creates intriguing works rich in subtext and humour. Simplified forms and excellent composition create structural planes from which an intense use of colour draws the eye. ‘Satire and paradox’ inform much of Lloyd’s work – often challenging the viewer, but mostly reveals “…a personal celebration of both the child-like wonder and often adult folly of being human.”

Sally Papps is also a highly sophisticated artist indulging in the use of humour and satire to convey her feelings about small-town New Zealand. The facets of rural life we both love and hate are gently but firmly made fun of in her cleverly executed works. Luminous colour, strong composition and a great deal of humour make these works intelligent and charming.

Please note, there will NOT be an Opening for this exhibition, but it will run from 10am Sat 5th November until Thurs 2nd December.
Selwyn Gallery will be open Tuesday through to Sunday from 10am-4pm for the entirety of the exhibition. A gold coin donation is welcomed. An exhibition programme is available on the gallery’s website or in the gallery itself.

Selwyn Gallery
17 South Terrace, Darfield
P: 03 318 8702

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