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Friday, 19 June 2009

Feature Artist of the Week...


The pendulum of my life has always swung back to art, so when I had a major change in my life in 2005 I decided it was time to pick up my brushes in earnest. I am now studying with The Learning Connexion.

There is too much pain and misery in the world, so to counteract this I try to keep a positive attitude and see the beauty in my surroundings. I want to paint pictures, which will bring colour and life to blank walls; I want people to take pleasure in what they see. With music, we stir the soul; art should evoke a similar, but visual pleasure.

Coming from a family of Auckland sailors, the dormant volcano Rangitoto has been a dominant feature of my life. With this series of paintings, I have been experimenting with contrasting textures and movement. I have tried to recreate the feeling of being there, out on the water.
I hope you enjoy this work.

Joanne Redshaw
Artistic Licence Ltd
Mobile phone no. 021 994160

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