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Friday, 5 June 2009

Feature Artist of the Week


North Shore artist, Michele Courage, delights us with large, sweeping, modernistic canvases. Her work hangs in private collections throughout the world, in London, Cape Town, New York, Ireland, San Paulo and Canada. Her earliest inspiration was her parents, both artists in their own right. Later inspiration was found in the life of Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). An Abstract Expressionist artist, he felt that "the modern artist is working with space and time, expressing his or her feelings rather than illustrating". Michele’s bold, expressive brushstrokes convey this modernistic sentiment.

Says Michele: "The thought process, feeling or inspirational idea for a painting can take me days or weeks to formulate. Each painting I do is filled with life and movement, capturing the idea and the energy I feel. This is what I want to portray." These ideas and emotions extend beyond the borders of her canvasses. The viewer is invited, through a two-dimensional picture plane, into a world of three-dimensional sensation.

Michele’s paintings, within the undefined borders of the abstract world and sweeping lines created by paint in motion, render a visual expression of time, space and energy. An Auckland resident, Michele’s roots are in Africa. With a modernistic and individual twist, her work shows the influences of both the traditional African and Maori art – something she is passionate about.

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