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Friday, 1 August 2008

NZ Art Guild Sponsors another fantastic art event - North Shore City Art Awards 2008

Following on from sponsoring the NZAG Art Awards (Feb), ARA Art Awards (Feb), Lewis Invitation Exhibition Waikato Emerging Artist Awards (Aug), and Tauranga First National Art Awards (Nov) theNZ Art Guild is proud to sponsor the North Shore City Art Awards 2008. All prize winners will receive a free annual subscription to the NZ Art Guild.

This is a fantastic event that celebrates our wonderful land. It is open to all NZ Artists and held at the Mairangi Bay Arts Centre in Auckland.

Earth, Wind and Sky

A4 photographs of entries to be submitted for pre-selection by the 26 September 2008
Entry forms and full deatils now available online
First Prize - North Shore City Council Premier Award $4000
Total value of prizes $6800

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