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Thursday, 23 June 2011

‘Strangely Familiar’ Images Represent an Iconic New Zealand at Terrace Downs Resort.

New Zealand Art Guild Member Natasha Shackleton has been passionate about art and creativity her entire life, for as long as she can remember she has been excelling in artistic fields throughout life. Her art is well known and has gained popularity over the years particularly through online sales.

Her works symbolize iconic “kiwiana” images and offer a fresh perspective of the world around us. Natasha is very competent and successful in accomplishing any commission or painting that is required of her, this is due to her training and her ongoing employment in the design field.
Natasha is member of the NZ Art Guild and currently residing in the South Island, her formal training is in graphic design and her current career as a custom tattoo artist means that she can bring a unique and special flair to New Zealand Contemporary Art.
Her artistic diversity means that she can work with nearly any medium, from acrylic paint to photorealism style coloured pencil drawings, she is competent with any subject from landscapes to vehicles & cartoon to realism.

Natasha is recognized for her "Moonlight Bay" series, her distinctive kiwiana works, and her realistic portrait paintings. Her art is easily recognizable for her use of dynamic tones, vivid colour, great lighting and strong contrasts.

Natasha is an artist with that has her heart in the right place who lives and breathes art in her every day life. She is an easily approachable individual and this personality is very much portrayed in her artwork. It is for this exact reason that Natasha’s art is so popular and sort after by so many people.

Curator for the show, Rachael Inch comments “Natasha creates works that everyone can enjoy. After the first earthquake in September 2010, she exhibited with the NZ Art Guild at South City. Her works proved the most popular as all the customers mentioned that her art made them happy and feel good about what they had been through. One man had lost everything and biked to the exhibition with all his belongings (a backpack of clothes) he bought two of her works on the spot, first art work he had ever purchased!

Natasha produces works that are priced well so there is an opportunity for anyone to invest in them as she climbs the ladder of success and this is certainly a collection of works that shouldn’t be missed while they are in the district!”

The opening evening is on Thursday 7th July 2011 starting at 6:30pm seated for dinner at 7pm and will be a relaxed and fun filled evening with entertainment, good food and great company.
There special menu and a complimentary drink on arrival that is created specifically for the art evening. Terrace Downs have also created great discounted accommodation for the evening.
Bookings are essential.

Enquires can be made by emailing, texting or phone
021 1229317

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