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Friday, 3 June 2011

NZ Art Guild Featured Member MAY 2011

Marimba Powley

Can you tell me about yourself and your art?
Marimba Powley is an artist who enjoys creating both paintings and sculptures. She grew up in a semi-rural town north of Auckland and now lives in Southland with her partner, three daughters, two dogs and Elijah the cat.
“I’ve been creating in one form or another for as long as I can remember. Art has always played a very central role in my life. Each series I work on is a journey, I just have no idea where it’s going until I get there. I often work with several concepts in various mediums side by side, one idea gliding into the next”
“The wire figures I am working on are helping me to explore body language. I’m not so fussed about working the finer details of the figures – hands, face etc. I don’t want the viewers to get caught up looking for answers in the work that come from the more obvious places. I am intent on exploring the emotions that are displayed through body movements. I have a tendency to become very familiar with each piece; they take on personalities and each has a definite character.”

What is it you love about art?
“Art for me is like the last piece of my own personal puzzle. I use my own work to explore the world around me. The creative processes allow me an opportunity to understand myself and the people around me.”
“When viewing artworks by other artists, I like to be challenged. The most interesting works for me are the ones that create conversations. I may not like what the artist is saying but if a piece makes me think or feel I appreciate it and the work is then successful in my eyes.”

What is one of the hardest things about being an artist?
“One of the most difficult aspects of being an artist is trying to explain what I do and why. If I was particularly skilled with the written word perhaps I would be a novelist rather than a visual artist.”

What is the easiest part of being an artist?
“The easiest part is most definitely the fact that I can follow my crazy plans as and when I get them. I can let loose that big kid inside and simply play with stuff. Some of my favourite work has come from an urge to just make something with whatever is in front of me at the time.”

What are your goals as an artist?
“My ultimate goal as an artist is to continue growing; to never become stagnant in my work. I would like to be able to look back in years to come and know that at some point I have created opportunities for discussion.”
“I have no particular aspirations as far as “recognition” for what I do. I do what I do for me and it’s just a bonus to be able to share that with people. If I can continue to do what I love day in and day out for the rest of my life, I’ll be a very happy lady! Who could ask for more from life than that?”

Can you tell us about your experience with being a member of the NZ Art Guild?
“I’ve been a member of the NZ Art Guild for nearly three years now. In that time I have been given the support and encouragement to grow artistically and at the same time, I’ve met amazing people from all around the country. I have been given many opportunities which have been very beneficial to my professional career.


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