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Friday, 9 April 2010

Of Beach and Battle - Jon Stevenson


OF BEACH AND BATTLE: Jon Stevenson with his artwork, which incorporates two images one based on a photo of his wife's grandfather resting during the battle for Monte Cassino, and the other of that soldier's descendant on Whakatane Beach.

Upper Hutt man Jon Stevenson will be among 41 Kiwi artists showing their work at an exhibition in Italy to mark New Zealand involvement in World War II's Battle for Cassino.

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to have my work exhibited in Italy alongside so many other New Zealand works," Stevenson said.

He has painted two images in one painting – one based on a photo of his wife's grandfather who was snapped taking a rest during the 1944 battle for the strategic town of Monte Cassino as the Allied forces fought their way up through Italy. The second is of a descendant of that soldier on Whakatane Beach.

Organiser Kay de Lautour said the Legato Exhibition, opening in the Cassino Public Library on May 15, would be the biggest single New Zealand art event held in Italy.
Legato was Italian for intertwined, like strands of rope, giving it strength, Ms de Lautour said. "Many of the artists are depicting links between New Zealand and Italy, featuring their fallen relatives and other connections to the battle.

"As with Italy and New Zealand, so many friendships were formed between families during World War II and maintained after the war.

"Now, two generations later, the grandchildren of the Kiwi soldiers are returning to Italy to visit these families, and young Italians are moving to New Zealand."

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