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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gallery re-opening in Lumsden!

Congratulations to Michelle Wallis who has been the driving force behind creating the Northern Southland Art Inc and re-opening the "Vision into reality" under a new name "Fusion Gallery and Studio" in Lumsden, South Island. Marimba Powley will be the artist in residence and curator for this gallery. An article about the gallery opeing was published in the local newspaper.

To read the article click the the image above.

You can check out the opening exhibition "Undy Four Hundy" with all artworks under $400. Opening is on the 14th May andt i is open until the 12th June.

Participating NZ Art Guild Artists: Marimba Powley, Michelle Wallis, Chavah Kinloch and Amy Mackiewicz.

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