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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Featured artist of the week - Ambury Hall


Ambury Hall is a New Zealand artist who has recently moved from Auckland from Taranaki.

Ambury has recently prepared an exhibition to raise money for the Dyslexia Foundation. The Dyslexia Foundation is a charity deal to Ambury's heart when he found out that his son has the condition.

When Ambury's son, William, was at school he found it hard to read, but it was not until he went to university that he found out he had dyslexia. William has now completed his degree and helps people with the same condition. When Ambury found out about his son's dyslexia he felt that he had failed him. As a retired teacher, Ambury had devoted his life to teaching people with learning difficulties.

Ambury's exhibition will feature a painting named Confusion which represents his view of dyslexia. For more information about dyslexia email

Shore Thing - 3/08/2009 to 29/08/2009
Where: Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna Beach, Auckland
The Phoenix String Quartet will entertain on Monday 3rd August 6:30pm Open Invitation Drinks & nibbles @ bar.

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