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Friday, 10 July 2009

Feature Artist of the Week - Tanya Dann


Self-taught, Dunedin Artist Tanya Dann and has always been artistic in nature. Her passion started as a hobby, while playing the part of the poor science student she used her talents to create gifts for friends and family. But it didn't just stop there, the paintings became larger and more numerous. In 2004 she sold her first painting, and she hasn't looked back.

Tanya is first and foremost a painter, with bright, bold, acrylic, abstracts being her signature work. More recently she has started working with a variey of other media and diciplines, in particular Textiles, Photography, Digital Art and Ceramics; and has also dabbled in Sculpture, Prinkmaking and Jewellery. 2009 will see her carry on developing new techniques and styles in her work, moving away from what she has produced in previous years.

Tanya is heavily involved in the NZ Art Guild, having been a moderator for the past 3 years, she is also responsible for the NZ Art Guild News Blog. In 2007 she completed a Certificate in Creative Studies, and in 2008 attended Art School in Dunedin before returning to her scientific roots and starting her Masters Degree in Forensic Textiles at Otago University in 2009.

Tanya Dann

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