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Monday, 13 October 2008

Update - NZ Health Industry Awards and UNICEF auction

This fantastic event this was held on Saturday night - Credit must be given to Nigel Fowler and Jenny Hammond for their vision, dedication and passion.

Great food, fabulous entertainment, tribute to the health industry professionals and of course the Charity Auctions for UNICEF.

Petra Bagust did a brilliant job of hosting the evening - and Alison Mau gave a very sobering talk about Women and Children with HIV and AIDS in Papau New Guinea.

NZ Art Guild members donated all but 2 of the artworks - and two members also donated items from their original clothing brands.

Amount raised -
Sofia Minson $2050
Sharlene Ngatapuna $700
Natasha Wheeler $600
Sally Blyth $600
Sophia Elise $500
Tony Brown $500
Julia Dungan $500
Kirsty Black - Ties $150 for 2
Beate Minderjahns fantastic range of positive kids tshirt and caps - 8 tshirts and caps for $200!!!

Combined amount raised $5800 which was over half the total raised in the auction!

Thank you to all the artists for their generous contributions.

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