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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

North Shore leading the way in the Arts

ShoreSpace, a NZ first, was launched last night at the Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland. North Shore City have created a first of it's kind - a unique art portal to unite all the arts organisations in the local community and further afield.

As early as 2001, the North Shore City-Te Raki Pae Whenua arts community has been working with the to find an effective way to support and promote the energy and vitality of the arts and creative activity within its communities. With ShoreSpace Arts Portal, North Shore showcases these talents and services through this interactive arts portal, in recognition of the proud and progressive arts community we are home to.

ShoreSpace is an online arts hub which gives easy access to everything that celebrates the arts in our city. All sectors are invited to register; visual, literary, performing and multi-dimensional arts and crafts, as well as technicians and other supporters of our evolving and growing creative industries sector.

Shorespace follows the model of shared governance of arts outcomes by being a collaborative initiative between the arts organisations and North Shore City Council. Shorespace will continue to support this value through ongoing development and management of the site.

Last night saw the team from Mairangi Art Centre (including NZ Art Guild Members - Victoria Anderson and Sophia Elise) taking art out to the community and getting everyone to pick up a paint brush and express their creativity. Two giant canvases were set up to encourage the hidden artist to appear - North Shore City Mayor Andrew Williams was keen to show his support of the local arts community as well as his artistic flair with a painting of the Pumphouse.

To find out more about Shorespace and to become involved go to

Victoria Anderson, Margaret Copley-Bishop, Sophia Elise, Ellie Drummond, Rachel Irwin
(The Fantastic Hats were created by Natalie Bliss)

North Shore City Mayor, Andrew Williams

North Shore City Mayor, Andrew Williams

One of the finished community Artworks which will be displayed at Mairangi Bay Art Centre

The second of the finished community Artworks which will be displayed at Mairangi Bay Art Centre

Creating the Community Artworks

Creating the Community Artworks

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