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Thursday, 13 October 2011

House 18 ~ Open call to Artists


Let's celebrate NZs cultural diversity.
Let's celebrate the myriad peoples that shaped this place.
Let's build a structure that brings together kiwi-ana, toi maori, pacifica, everybody else who's here in New Zealand through having multiple New Zealand artists contributing..

This is a call for New Zealand artists to contribute to "House 18''.

Painters: Artists to paint old testament bible stories on panels that will make up the inside of a building.

NZ artists to paint something like "David and Goliath","Adam and eve", "moses parting the sea", "baby moses in the bulrushes", "Josuha bringing down the walls at Jericho", "singing a song by the rivers of Babylon" or the hundreds of other bible stories).

To contribute to this you'll need to paint your piece on a 1200mm x 900mm 9mm MDF panel (available from mitre10 and other building supplies stores) and remember to use portrait layout (taller than it is wide) so it fits into the finished building.

You'll have until the end of January to courier the finished piece to Auckland, but since places are limited please advise be ASAP if you are going to contribute.
(contact me if you want more info).. Click here for email

Carvers / Painters: Artists to carve and/or paint "ancestor posts" for the building that represent that artists heritage.

These "ancestor ribs" will be 2.4m tall and 300m x 300m section any carvers who wish to contribute should email RifRaf so he can co-ordinate regarding choice of timber and other details (spaces are VERY limited). Click here for email

Cabinet-maker and Furniture maker: A Cabinet-maker and A Furniture maker to make the "aron kodesh" (a special cupboard) and a chair.

Financial donations to help toward costs would also be gratefully accepted.

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