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Friday, 25 March 2011

Gold Pan Art - Celebrating 150 years

It was impossible for many NZ Art Guild members to resist the opportunity to be part of a fabulous exhibition and celebration at the Tuapeka Goldfields Museum in Lawrence, New Zealand. The reason was not only that it was a celebration of 150 years since the discovery of gold in Gabriel's Gully but they also had to create their artworks on a gold pan!  It was an opportunity to be innovative and to think outside the box.

A total of 38 artists participated in this wonderful event - you can check out all the amazing gold pans by clicking << here >> and see the fabulous exhibition << here >>
There are still some of these gold pans available for purchase - but you better get in quickly as they are selling fast. They take sales over the Internet and phone so you don't even have to be there in person!

Here are some of the goldpans that NZ Art Guild Members did for this exhibition.

Anglea Laby

Sophia Elise

Sharlene Schmidt

Marimba Powley

Cath Sheard

Chris Cruickshank

Donna Massey

Hillary Ramage

Jane Tan

Joanne Redshaw

Margherita Giampeitri

Sofia Spirtova

Teresa Rodger

Toni Dolan

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