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Friday, 15 January 2010

NZ Artists Snapped Up by American Jewellery Company

NZ Artists Snapped Up by American Jewellery Company

An innovative opportunity launched via facebook by American based Jewellery Company, Bajidoo, has seen New Zealand Artists gain international exposure for their artwork in a unique way.

The opportunity to be a Featured Bajidoo Artist was available to artists all around the world. Only 7 artists will be selected for the first half of the year and 6 of the artists announced so far are all members of the NZ Art Guild.

Chavah Kinloch, Sophia Elise, Rachael Inch, Sharlene Schmidt, Ronda Turk and Lauryne Hart have been selected as feature artists 2010 to have their original artwork made into beautiful and inspiring Bajidoo bangles.

In 2000 Bajidoo Bangles became henna inspired works of art. Their Hand Painted Bajidoo Bangles are among the most unique forms of artistic expression available anywhere in the world, each one is individually hand crafted. In order to create bangles from artwork the Bajidoo designers go through a process of redesign and adaptation and then apply the new design to wooden bangles. They are often very detailed and further embellished with crystals or other stones.

Chavah Kinloch’s graffiti artwork won an NZ Art Guild Art Challenge last year and was the first artwork selected.

Sophia Elise impressed Bajidoo with her “aboriginal feel” and the inclusion of the natural elements such as the use of flax mat in her artwork.

Bajidoo describe Rachael Inch’s art as lively, colorful and engaging and combined two of Rachael’s artworks to create this bangle.
Sharlene Schmidt‘s music inspired artwork caught the eye of Bajidoo and they have their eye on several other pieces.
Lauryne Hart’s colourful art left Bajidoo “beyond words” describing her as art phenomenon that you must see to truly appreciate.

Ronda Turk has also had 4 artworks selected to be used to create Bajidoo bangles – watch this space to see Lauryne and Rondas art transformed.

As featured artists they receive the original bangle based on the original image which has been reformatted and adapted by Bajidoo as well as commission on sales of their bangles.

To see all the Bajidoo bangle designs and to purchase go to and click on featured artists on the left hand side. The prices range from $62 - 90 NZD (dependant on the exchange rate)

For More Information about Bajidoo

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